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Present a weekend of spring cleansing, renewal and glamping under the light of the full moon

at Villa Saas for 4 days & 3 nights of... 


Holistic Wellness

Luna Rising is a safe space where you can unplug and be in the present moment. Get back in touch with yourself through daily yoga and meditation, which will help you to restore clarity of your mind and heart. We invite you to embrace holistic Mayan-inspired therapies, dine on cuisine that is plant-based— vibrant and alive with nutrition, and get relaxed and grounded so that you return home at peace and feeling rejuvenated in your mind, body and spirit.

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Ancient Healing Ceremonies

Rooted in Mayan tradition, explore the healing properties of cacao, sound healing and connecting with the feminine energy of the Pink Full Moon and Mother Earth. Let go of the past, heal emotional pain, and connect with your higher self. Luna Rising ceremonies are designed to provide you with gentle and loving support to transmute your energy so you can become more self-aware of your inherent power, and enjoy more fulfillment in your daily life.



Specially designed for women looking to renew or deepen their connection to other women, and by extension themselves. The myth that women cannot live and work closely together or get along is a false, fast-fading narrative. Align with other women who feel the call to connect. Create communal bonds that will help you find your place as a woman, with other women by your side. Get the sisterly support that you need while activating your consciousness— come celebrate and take your place in the rise of the Divine Feminine.


Welcome Ceremony

5:00 p.m.

Welcome to paradise

Swag bag gifts

Ice breaker & Introductions

Dinner Party


Enjoy 3-course vegan cuisine, prepared fresh on-site

Sisterhood table talk

Music & Dancing



Segment of refreshment to shower or unpack.

Guided Meditation


 Intention setting

Light music


Yoga + Meditation


Morning tea & light refreshments

Rooftop Hatha yoga and meditation 




Fresh vegan selections

Enjoy and learn about food combinations, al fresco


Panel + Break-out 


Wellness Talking Circle

Journaling exercise and reflections 


Cenote Swim


Historical significance of cenotes

Beauty ritual with rosewater cleanse + clay facial




Lunch + Shower


Shopping Tour


Market shop: Buying healthy foods



Meal prep & nutrition workshop


Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing Meditation



Sharing and drinking cacao

Sound healing with ancient instrumentation

Yoga + Meditation


Morning tea & light refreshments 

Rooftop Hatha yoga and meditation 



Smoothie bar breakfast prep workshop

Beach Day


Private catamaran to Isla Mujeres

Beach Club lounging

Ocean swimming

Ixchel Temple visit 


Quiet Hour




Buffet-style dinner


Temple + Dancing Circle


Intention setting

Liberation dancing

Drum circle music


Full Moon Fire Circle Talk


Connection and alignment with the female energy of the moon

4 life cycles talk

Guidance on how to use feminine energy to heal during the moon cycles

Menstruation healing talk


Closing Ceremony


Intention Burning

Closing remarks




Tea & Refreshments


Bedtime journaling

Continental Breakfast


Free time




Peruse local boutique apparel, crafts and gifts for purchase




"where a woman rules streams run uphill."

– Ethiopian Proverb



Talia Witherspoon

Talia is the founder of The Sassy Nation, a brand for women that fuses holistic wellness, beauty, travel and lifestyle. She actively engages women in spaces on and offline with blogs, workshops, e-courses, panel discussions and meet-ups on topics surrounding wellness and the creation of healthy habits, travel, thinking of beauty holistically, community building and raising our collective vibe.

Ira Calixto

Ira travels globally to places that connect deeply with her intuition. She's learned the teachings of alternative medicine; including acupuncture, aromatherapy and crystal therapy. She's an herbalist of native and sacred plants of Brazil and Mexico, a leader of both women's and song circles, who believes in using the voice as a liberating and healing instrument.

Ira is certified in acupuncture and facial + skull massage by the Spanish School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nejing and as a Sound therapist by the Instituto Español De Sonoterapia.

Jasmine Moore

Jazzie is a certified holistic health and wellness consultant and transformational speaker who focuses on optimal wellness of the mind, body and spirit. An advocate of self-care, self-love and self-healing, Jazz believes that we all possess the power to heal ourselves without invasive surgeries or dangerous medications.  

She teaches that the key to optimal health is getting back to basics, focusing on clean-eating, limiting the amount of toxins in our environment, emotional wellness, exercise/stress management and standing in our truth.