Intention Setting Ritual for Spring Renewal and Rebirth

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Spring is a time for rebirth and regeneration of energy that has been seemingly dormant over the winter months. This new moon, we're focused on creating and setting an intention to invite our personal re-birth. To re-energize ourselves and re-emerge with a sense of renewed purpose. Notice a theme here? Re- is Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning to go “back”. The intention that you set now will be especially powerful, as this new moon is coming on the heels of a Mercury Retrograde-- the backwards or reverse pattern of motion that we've been in over the past 6 weeks since the retrograde began. This a powerful time for do-overs, lovers.

We've been in a perpetual state of revisiting, reviewing and relearning these past few weeks, and now it's time for our glorious rebirth and re-emergence into the beautiful light.  

Mercury seriously gets a bad rap for knocking everything out of alignment-- from schedules to technology, to people's behavior. For far too long, Mercury has been the fall guy for falling back in the sack with exes and many other poor decisions and words exchanged. Not any longer. We're taking our power back during this new moon as Mercury stations it self direct once again. By reflecting and examining what the universe gifts us during retrograde periods we become more self-aware and capable to grow and evolve through all of life's messiness.

Luna Dolls who are coming to our Luna Rising Retreat in Mexico at the end of the month are invited to delve deep and learn how to transmute Mercury Retrograde's potent energy during our New Moon Circle Call, which you can still reap the benefits from if you, too, are interested in how you can use Mercury as an ally. 

Say 'no more' to victimhood. It's time to be the alchemist and take conscious steps in our evolution process. And this simple candle meditation is one immediate action you can take to spark the flame of your power.   

What you need

One candle-- I like white, but choose whatever color speaks to you based on what you need

Sage or Palo Santo

What you’ll do

Step 1: Clear the energy space with your sage or palo santo and light your candle. If it's at eye level to where you'll be seated, that's even better.

Step 2: Get into a comfortable seated position.

Step 3: Close your eyes and breathe in some good prana (life force, energy), and exhale any tension in the body. You can do a quick body scan from your crown, through all of your chakras, if you like. At the base of your spine, at your root, allow yourself to feel grounded to the earth.

Step 4: Once you feel settled, let you eyes flutter open to focus in on the flame from your candle.

Step 5: Allow yourself to feel the fiery energy of the flame. Hold a soft gaze for 1-3 minutes while you continue your inhalations and exhalations. 

Love our monthly rituals? Watch highlights from our community Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Meditation in the Riviera Maya. 

Step 6: Ask yourself these 3 questions:
What can I do to physically, energetically and spiritually prepare for this next phase in my life?
Where do I need to create space in my life for this rebirth?
What is my intention to bring forth?

Step 7: Close your eyes and sit with the questions. Don't worry if nothing comes up immediately. Give yourself time to internalize them and let your inner awareness bring the answers to you. You can jot down anything that comes up in your journal or if you spontaneously receive an answer later when your meditation is complete, like I often do, make a note of it in your phone and put it on paper in your journal later.

Get access to the tools you need to overcome the stress from Mercury Retrograde.

Get access to the tools you need to overcome the stress from Mercury Retrograde.


That's it! You've planted an intention for great change and rebirth. If you're planning to come to Luna Rising, be sure to bring your journal or Empowered Woman Checklist with you so we can revisit these intention(s) that you set when we meet in person under the light of the full moon in the Riviera Maya Jungle.



Have you been looking for a sister tribe that will hold space for you and your dreams? Well, keep reading.

Luna Rising 2018

Just 2 Spots Left

My Sisters in Spirit and I are teaching women like you to raise their vibration by using holistic wellness practices—including clean eating, yoga and meditation. We are sharing principles that will help you become grounded in your beliefs about your inner feminine power and capabilities so that you can manifest the life of your dreams. This is no ordinary retreat, Luna Rising is firmly rooted in holistic wellness, ceremonial reverence and sisterhood-- the pillars that modern woman are coming to realize are needed to lead a healed and fulfilled life.

Taking Your Sacred Space With You On-The-Go, Pt. 2

Turn Your Hotel or Airbnb into a Wellness Sanctuary.png

Turn Your Hotel or AirBnB into a Wellness Sanctuary

Daily self-care is an essential part of life. So creating an atmosphere that is conducive to wellness, especially when traveling, is critical. To help me feel cozy and at home wherever I may be whether it’s in a hotel room or Airbnb rental I like to feel the zen of a high-vibe environment.

Here are my must-haves that help me de-stress, reduce jet lag and feel blissful in my space wherever I go.

My traveling altar

I did a whole video + blog about the types of natural elements that I carry with me that help me to stay on track with my meditation and allow me to create sacred space wherever I go.

A book of mantras and or affirmations

Things sometimes (often) happen that are outside of your control when you’re galavanting these global streets. It helps to keep a positive go-with-the-flow attitude. Really any inspirational reading or even writing in your journal will do. It's one of the things that I recommend on my Spring Detox checklist in order to flush stress or anxiety from your spirit. You can grab all of my suggestions for free when you subscribe to my blog and access the Creative Tribe Resource Library.

Tea and honey

My daily tea ritual is one that helps me get grounded and start my day with my favorite simple pleasure. I kicked my coffee habit long ago once I realized that the right type of teas can get the job done and give me the boost I need without the crash later in the day. My number one pick is yerba mate, by far. Its benefits include: High bio-caffeine (natural), antioxidants, improves digestion, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Second to that, a strong flavored black tea is another trusted favorite.

Coconut oil

Trader Joes revolutionized the game for me with their little packets of coconut oil. They travel extremely well. I just pop open a box and stash 4-5 of them in a sandwich baggie and go. One packet is plenty of moisturizer for my entire body for one day or more.

Vitamins and supplements

One of my favorite go-to supplements to keep me energized is the amino acid, L-Tyrosine. This is one heavy hitter in my arsenal. Just 500 milligrams has the ability to not only boost your energy level, but your mood and brain function. I spend a lot of time writing and creating at my computer, so L-Tyrosine is a necessity to keep me going.

Healthy snacks

I am a snack-o-holic with an affinity for crunchy tidbits mid-flight. And… we all know the snack situation at airports and in hotels is typically bleak or waaay overpriced. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to byob-- bring your own bites. That’s why I ALWAYS have snacks on deck. I’ll usually go with apple or sweet plantain chips, trail mix, and the irresistible king of snacks-- popcorn. All are perfect crunch companions.   

Linen spray

Nothing says relax and make yourself at home like fresh sheets. A mix of your fave essential oil-- mines is lavender and rose, a dash of vodka (or rubbing alcohol) and distilled water is all you need to spritz a little magic and cozy up your temporary abode.

Small, scented candles

Soy wax candles are the best clean burning candles. I usually travel with the ones that come in a jar. They’re tiny, portable, and the lid helps keep dust and other random stuff out of your candle mid-flight, and keep their scent in.

What do you pack to take your zen with you and create a wellness sanctuary where ever you go? Leave me a comment below or on social and let’s chat there. Happy travels!!!



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5 Reasons to Add Smoothie Bowls to Life (Recipe Included)

Smoothie bowls are Bae! I'm sure you've seen them on your timeline but if you've never had them you are missing out! A smoothie bowl is just a smoothie in a bowl with toppings but they will change your mornings. Here's 5 Reasons to add smoothie bowls to your life. 



1. They are freakin' delicious 

2. They are very versatile. You could get smoothie bowls everyday for the rest of your life and never repeat the same one twice. 



3.  They are healthier than those played out bacon & eggs. 

4.  They are perfect if you love smoothies but you also want to chew. (Hehe)

5.  They are quick, easy & fun to make. ( Get creative) 


Here's a recipe for one of my favorites



An Easy Energy Cleansing Ritual: What it is and Why you Need It

energy cleansing.png

Want to know how to energetically cleanse your body to let go of things that no longer serve you? There's so many different methods you can use but, if you’re looking for something simple and easy, here is one ritual you can do that is especially powerful around the new moon, or any other time you feel you have energy you’d like to release. The upcoming spring solstice, for example, is the perfect time for rinsing away the stagnant and ushering in the new.

Typically, the new moon is a time to plant seeds that will cultivate during the rest of the moon cycle. However, a seed can only grow in fertile ground. So, sometimes it’s necessary to clear and prep the field first. Doing a ritual is one way we bring reverence for all that is sacred into our modern world. Women of the world are coming back to knowing and tapping into our Divine Feminine power. So, now is the perfect time for us to get in sync with the rhythm of the earth to align with our inner individual and collective strength.

Time to get in formation, ladies! Let's use this new moon in Aries to set the stage for our blossoming this season.

What you need

1 liter of water

Loose leaf tea (Yerba Mate or Green)

White flowers (petals)

One white candle

Pot for boiling

What you’ll do

Step 1: Boil tea and water for 30 minutes to concentrate the energy of the plant

Step 2: Let cool

Step 3: Speak your intentions into flower petals-- ask for what you want, need or want to change or release

Step 4: Repeat your intentions while sprinkling the petals while into the cooled tea water

Step 5: Go into your bathroom and light your candle

Step 6: Take a shower or bath like normal

Step 7: After cleansing, pour the cooled flower and tea mix on your body from the neck down

Step 8: As you pour, ask for guidance to let go of the things that you don’t need anymore, give thanks for what you are releasing and let go with forgiveness, kindness and love.

That's it! You're ready to set some new intentions and sow seeds of greatness for the upcoming month ahead.

Have you been looking for a sister tribe that will hold space for you and your dreams? 


My Sisters in Spirit teaches women like you to raise their vibration using holistic wellness practices—including clean eating, yoga and meditation. We share principles that will help you become grounded in your beliefs about your inner feminine power and capabilities so that you can manifest the life of your dreams. Luna Rising is firmly rooted in holistic wellness, ceremonial reverence and sisterhood-- the pillars that modern woman are coming to realize are needed to lead a healed and fulfilled life.

Going International: The Do's and Don'ts of Solo Travel

Thinking of traveling solo to Luna Rising? Here's some encouragement for you to step out on your own and soar!

Are you tired of your friends and family always flaking out on your when it comes time to skip town? I know I made the decision long ago to not let other people's lack of commitment to a potentially fun time hold me back from going and doing things that I like. Life is way too short to be waiting around for someone to hold your hand through every new experience. F*ck that! Pack those bags and GO girl (or dude-- hey dudes reading this)!


Plan ahead. I'm all for a go-with-the flow adventure, but at least have a loose outline that includes where you'll stay, a few cafes you can pop into for wifi or breakfast and some highlights that you really want to experience. OH! And cell phone service-- definitely check with your carrier to see what your options are BEFORE your take off. That's usually the least I'll do when headed to a new place.

Download Google Maps offline. This is something I had to learn the hard way after my walking tour in Barcelona ended and I had no idea which train would take me back to my hostel. Fortunately, I remembered that it was near a university and pick out what looked like the closest one on the subway map and hoped for the best. Ever since then, Google Maps offline errywhere!

Download a currency exchange app. I like XE Currency Converter for live rates, which come in handy when bargaining with street vendors. Gotta keep track of those coins. Speaking of coins...

Research the average cost of things like transportation. It's a good idea to have local currency on hand when you touch down. You'll be surprised that more often than not people in other countries still deal in cash-- especially when it comes to transport. What are you gonna do when you put a travel alert on your card to pay for, let's say the train, and it gets declined anyway? Now imagine not having the language to beg for coins for the fare. Lol-- that's a sad sight, right?! *insert straight face* It's all fun and games until it happens to you. Don't let it.

Read more here...


Glamping 101: Wandering Where the Wifi is Weak


Glamping: Where nature meets modernism. It describes a style of rustic-luxury with amenities and services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.

Villa Saas is a solar powered, magical oasis in the heart of the Sacbe jungle. Therefore, do not expect to scroll your favorite social media sites for hours on end-- as the internet signal is only as strong as can be expected in the middle of mother nature’s bosom. Instead, we offer a different type of connectedness, and will have plenty of mindful activities lined up to appease your spiritual senses, physical well-being and desire for sisterly kinship.

To help you prepare for your journey here, we created a list of packing suggestions. Keep in mind, these are just suggestions to help remind you of both necessities you'll want to have and other little niceties for your comfort.

What to bring:

Beach sarongs

1-2 Swimsuits

Bath towel & washcloth

Shampoo & Conditioner

Feminine products

Toothbrush & toothpaste





Journal & writing utensil

Camera and charger

Walking shoes, comfortable sandals or flip-flops

1-2 long dresses/skirts


T-shirts/tank tops

Sleep clothes

Personal fan

Sun hat


Natural anti-bacterial sanitizer

Natural sunblock

Natural repellent

Healthy snacks

Your favorite crystals

A travel pillow

Glass or stainless steel water bottle

An open mind & heart. Allow yourself to be present, to feel what you need to feel, with the knowing that we're holding space for you.