Going International: The Do's and Don'ts of Solo Travel

Thinking of traveling solo to Luna Rising? Here's some encouragement for you to step out on your own and soar!

Are you tired of your friends and family always flaking out on your when it comes time to skip town? I know I made the decision long ago to not let other people's lack of commitment to a potentially fun time hold me back from going and doing things that I like. Life is way too short to be waiting around for someone to hold your hand through every new experience. F*ck that! Pack those bags and GO girl (or dude-- hey dudes reading this)!


Plan ahead. I'm all for a go-with-the flow adventure, but at least have a loose outline that includes where you'll stay, a few cafes you can pop into for wifi or breakfast and some highlights that you really want to experience. OH! And cell phone service-- definitely check with your carrier to see what your options are BEFORE your take off. That's usually the least I'll do when headed to a new place.

Download Google Maps offline. This is something I had to learn the hard way after my walking tour in Barcelona ended and I had no idea which train would take me back to my hostel. Fortunately, I remembered that it was near a university and pick out what looked like the closest one on the subway map and hoped for the best. Ever since then, Google Maps offline errywhere!

Download a currency exchange app. I like XE Currency Converter for live rates, which come in handy when bargaining with street vendors. Gotta keep track of those coins. Speaking of coins...

Research the average cost of things like transportation. It's a good idea to have local currency on hand when you touch down. You'll be surprised that more often than not people in other countries still deal in cash-- especially when it comes to transport. What are you gonna do when you put a travel alert on your card to pay for, let's say the train, and it gets declined anyway? Now imagine not having the language to beg for coins for the fare. Lol-- that's a sad sight, right?! *insert straight face* It's all fun and games until it happens to you. Don't let it.

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