5 Reasons to Add Smoothie Bowls to Life (Recipe Included)

Smoothie bowls are Bae! I'm sure you've seen them on your timeline but if you've never had them you are missing out! A smoothie bowl is just a smoothie in a bowl with toppings but they will change your mornings. Here's 5 Reasons to add smoothie bowls to your life. 



1. They are freakin' delicious 

2. They are very versatile. You could get smoothie bowls everyday for the rest of your life and never repeat the same one twice. 



3.  They are healthier than those played out bacon & eggs. 

4.  They are perfect if you love smoothies but you also want to chew. (Hehe)

5.  They are quick, easy & fun to make. ( Get creative) 


Here's a recipe for one of my favorites