Taking Your Sacred Space With You On-The-Go, Pt. 2

Turn Your Hotel or Airbnb into a Wellness Sanctuary.png

Turn Your Hotel or AirBnB into a Wellness Sanctuary

Daily self-care is an essential part of life. So creating an atmosphere that is conducive to wellness, especially when traveling, is critical. To help me feel cozy and at home wherever I may be whether it’s in a hotel room or Airbnb rental I like to feel the zen of a high-vibe environment.

Here are my must-haves that help me de-stress, reduce jet lag and feel blissful in my space wherever I go.

My traveling altar

I did a whole video + blog about the types of natural elements that I carry with me that help me to stay on track with my meditation and allow me to create sacred space wherever I go.

A book of mantras and or affirmations

Things sometimes (often) happen that are outside of your control when you’re galavanting these global streets. It helps to keep a positive go-with-the-flow attitude. Really any inspirational reading or even writing in your journal will do. It's one of the things that I recommend on my Spring Detox checklist in order to flush stress or anxiety from your spirit. You can grab all of my suggestions for free when you subscribe to my blog and access the Creative Tribe Resource Library.

Tea and honey

My daily tea ritual is one that helps me get grounded and start my day with my favorite simple pleasure. I kicked my coffee habit long ago once I realized that the right type of teas can get the job done and give me the boost I need without the crash later in the day. My number one pick is yerba mate, by far. Its benefits include: High bio-caffeine (natural), antioxidants, improves digestion, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Second to that, a strong flavored black tea is another trusted favorite.

Coconut oil

Trader Joes revolutionized the game for me with their little packets of coconut oil. They travel extremely well. I just pop open a box and stash 4-5 of them in a sandwich baggie and go. One packet is plenty of moisturizer for my entire body for one day or more.

Vitamins and supplements

One of my favorite go-to supplements to keep me energized is the amino acid, L-Tyrosine. This is one heavy hitter in my arsenal. Just 500 milligrams has the ability to not only boost your energy level, but your mood and brain function. I spend a lot of time writing and creating at my computer, so L-Tyrosine is a necessity to keep me going.

Healthy snacks

I am a snack-o-holic with an affinity for crunchy tidbits mid-flight. And… we all know the snack situation at airports and in hotels is typically bleak or waaay overpriced. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to byob-- bring your own bites. That’s why I ALWAYS have snacks on deck. I’ll usually go with apple or sweet plantain chips, trail mix, and the irresistible king of snacks-- popcorn. All are perfect crunch companions.   

Linen spray

Nothing says relax and make yourself at home like fresh sheets. A mix of your fave essential oil-- mines is lavender and rose, a dash of vodka (or rubbing alcohol) and distilled water is all you need to spritz a little magic and cozy up your temporary abode.

Small, scented candles

Soy wax candles are the best clean burning candles. I usually travel with the ones that come in a jar. They’re tiny, portable, and the lid helps keep dust and other random stuff out of your candle mid-flight, and keep their scent in.

What do you pack to take your zen with you and create a wellness sanctuary where ever you go? Leave me a comment below or on social and let’s chat there. Happy travels!!!



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