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Here Is Everything You Have to Gain From This High-Vibe Experience

Let's make it easy. There's a reason you desire the things you want.

It's because you deserve them.

You were meant for abundance. You were meant for happiness. You were meant to feel free and happy.

Who told you life was meant to be a struggle? Or that you had to struggle to get what you want?

And when you make the shifts in how you see yourself and take the right actions, success becomes effortless.

The power is in your subconscious mind and the limitless energy that already exists inside you.

If you want to turn on your mindset magic ...without struggling to create the life that you deserve and you want to see results fast (and at an amazing price), Luna Rising is the retreat for you.

Here's how Luna Rising equips you to step into your dream life...


Holistic Wellness

Whether or not your body and mind are primed for success day to day depends heavily on the foods you take in and your overall wellness habits.

If you struggle to make healthy meals at home, we’ll be taking you through culinary prep demos for easy, go-to plant and vegan based meals. You’ll go home with fresh ideas and recipes based on our carefully selected menu that you'll want to re-create and indulge in over and over again. And, YES-- healthy food can feel like an indulgence when you're making the right choices.

And because holistic wellness practices are more than just the quality of food you eat, Luna Rising provides you with a foundation of other lifestyle integrations, that you will use to activate and program your day for success.

Did you know there are at least two habits that almost every successful person that you know and admire has? That’s a solid morning routine, and time for meditation and/or reflection. Each day that you wake up in our paradise, we will begin with a yoga and meditation sequence followed by electric foods to help you power up and ignite your cells.

If you want to decrease the amount of mental fatigue you experience from day to day, we’ll show you exactly how to set the tone for the day so that you will always have the presence of mind to tune into higher vibrational frequencies and start achieving and creating more abundance in your life.

Taking time for yourself in the morning is but one critical habit that we’ll show you how to implement so that you can take charge of your days from now on. Another is holding space for and communing with your spiritual lineage through ceremony...

Ceremonial Reverence

If you are dealing with dissatisfaction in any area of your life, but you’re ready to breakthrough and vibrate higher, Luna Rising can help you understand how to use ceremony to tap into your higher faculties and access your ancestral wisdom and inner spirit guidance.

You absolutely do not have to figure things out alone. You come from a lineage of love, strength, healers, and visionaries.

The preeminent luminary, Dr. Maya Angelou uttered words that her mentee, Oprah Winfrey adapted and proclaimed, “I come as one but I stand as ten thousand.”

When we honor our ancestors and celebrate our divine feminine, we invite more love and purpose-driven magic in our lives.

So, the next time you find yourself in spaces where you feel out of place or like you don’t belong and aren’t welcome, you can rest assured that you have the presence of your ancestors by your side, and you will know how to access them whenever you need to.

When you come to Luna Rising, through ceremony, you will learn practices that will empower you to harness your Inner(G)-- that’s GODDESS & Greatness— so that you can live the passionate, abundant life you KNOW and can feel you came here to this earth for… with honor to the ancestors, we’re celebrating our divine lineage.


How many times have you needed advice, but had no one to turn to who you felt could give it to you straight without being judgemental, harsh or biased?

How many times have you held your tongue and not spoke your truth for fear of being “the angry, bitter woman?”

If you want to join the global shift in feminine power and connect with a tribe of other women who support you in your truths, Luna Rising is the sister circle where you can feel welcome and safe to express who you are, and what you need without fear.

The only way to truly heal and rise up is in the release.

Most women have been trained to hold in their ferociousness to make others comfortable.

Not you. Not anymore. That’s too big of a risk.  

In a society that glamorizes the grind, team no sleep and other toxic habits, too often we shame ourselves for our power, then shame ourselves for taking time for the self-care and bonding with our sisters that we know we need to sustain the high level of expectations that others have for us and that we have for ourselves.

Because how dare you do something nice for yourself! That not only doesn’t make money, but spends money! Who are you to do something that doesn’t serve others!

Listen... do you know what that type of talk and attitude always leads to? It’s called burn out and self-destruction. It’s a vicious cycle.

Honor your needs, sis. 

When you sit with us in the circle of sisterhood you will learn to clear the negative voices and blockages in the path to your greatness, and plot your leveling up.

Your physical and spiritual wellness is imperative, because your glow up, lifts the collective. Believe that!

Sisterhood means accountability to the whole. When you heal, by extension, you help heal others around you.

Women truly hold up this world. And by being present, you are going to help strengthen our collective vibration as women awakening to our power.

Come to Luna Rising for the sisterhood, leave feeling more self-aware and sharply intuitive about your personal path forward. You MUST shine your light during this mass awakening to lead the way for so many others to do the same.


As a woman in this time and space, you ARE a part of the influence and shift that’s taking place. And because the world needs your light. come learn how to turn your magic all the way up at Luna Rising.

You can peer into everyone else's life by sitting passively, scrolling social media and watch THEM turn their dreams into reality, and it can seem out of reach for you. But it’s not!

Even if you are making a daily conscious effort to create the life, career and financial well being you desire, but it seems like an uphill battle, Luna Rising is where you get to take a break, re-evaluate your efforts, identify what could be blocking you, and release the resistance.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

In our 4 days and 3 nights together, you will learn to shift your way of thinking so you can overcome potential mindset barriers using holistic mind, body, spirit wellness principles that you can incorporate in your everyday life.

And what better place to break away to do this transformative work, than in the lush jungle on the sacred, magical grounds of the Riviera Maya.

We’ll dance under the light of the moon against a jungle framed canopy. And on day 3, we’ll float on the turquoise sea to the sanctuary of the goddess, Ixchel-- the Mayan Goddess of the Moon and fertility (hello abundance), medicine and happiness.

Upon your return home, you will be more in tune with synchronistic opportunities that will lead you to the abundance and fulfillment that you seek.

You will come back recalibrated and ready to focus in on letting yourself have the things that truly matter to you.  

And if that alone isn’t enough to convince you …here's how we’re priming you to create big magic in your life so you can start doing the work NOW... as in TODAY!

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to these 3 BONUS GIFTS...

*Bonus 1: Free 3-Day Mini-Course: The Life Changing Magic of Being Quiet

Do you want to achieve more day to day, but cannot seem to stay on task with your goals? Do you struggle with your focus and concentration? Do you get caught wasting time scrolling on social media instead of doing? This 3-day course will show you exactly how you can use the Magic of Being Quiet to help you zone in on the things that are most important to you. You'll learn habits that all successful, spiritually dope women know and use to access their higher self and achieve big dreams. You, too, can easily carve out time in your busy day to create quiet, sacred space or even begin a regular daily meditation practice, even if you've never done it before or don't think you know how.

*Bonus 2: Free 30 minute 1 on 1 Nutrition Phone Consultation

If you’re struggling with controlling your eating habits but want to find easy ways to eat healthier, get a personal consultation with our certified resident holistic wellness coach to get personalized tips that you can activate now.

*Bonus 3: Mercury Retrograde Empowered Woman Checklist

Learn the TRUTH about your capabilities, and how to evolve in your thoughts to elevate your vibration much faster than you ever thought possible. In this bonus, you’ll see how to banish future anxiety about Mercury Retrograde's lessons from your life forever. Once you shift your thinking about it, you'll be able to face any challenges that come up from a position of power. In this bonus download, you’ll learn mindset upgrades that empowered women use to shift their thinking. As a result, you, too, can weather any retrograde OR other other life storm the instant you switch your thoughts.

Ready to dream big, and play big? This is what will happen at Luna Rising:

  • You'll be working in a hands-on sister circle that will help you actually break through limiting beliefs and subconscious roadblocks so you can zoom to success.

  • You’ll be able to visualize your upcoming goals and create a metaphysical blueprint (that will later manifest in your physical reality).

  • You’ll identify and pinpoint stories you are telling yourself that are holding you back from reaching your peak potential.

  • You’ll harness your own energy to identify your limiting beliefs, and then delete and de-story them all, one-by-one.

  • We will honor our divine feminine through ceremonial reverence so you can access the wisdom and strength of those that have come before you.

  • You will learn how to honor you body with holistic wellness practices that will lead to lifelong habits.

  • You will workshop with our hostesses to ask ANY questions you have about energy clearing, setting massive goals, upgrading your health and making it all happen (like magic).

  • AND imagine, you get to do ALL OF THIS while luxuriating in a jungle paradise villa-- that includes a private boat trip across turquoise waters to the white sand shores of the magical Island of Women-- Isla Mujeres.

For the next few days you have the chance to invest in yourself and your future.

Are you ready to uncover how powerful you really are?

Are you ready to master your mind, and see how magical you and your life can be?

Are you ready to use the free tools we're providing to start working on your goals today so that you can create an incredibly high-vibe reality for yourself, and those you love having around?

If you invest now, and open all the gifts you have inside you (plus the ones we’re giving you FOR FREE) to bring you forward in life instead of holding you back.

We want to manifest, journal and dream with you, and help you make the life you know you deserve a reality...

On April 27-30, 2018 Join us in Riviera Maya, Mexico for

Luna Rising: A Sisterhood & Jungle Healing Retreat...

...A hands-on healing experience full of ceremony, holistic wellness and sisterhood to help you create, plan, dream, and leave with actionable tools so that this year is your most magnificent one yet.

April 27-30th, it's happening at Villa Saas in the Riviera Maya Jungle. Get your tickets here before they’re gone.

There's only 2 MORE SPOTS REMAIN! So grab your tickets quickly before you miss out on manifesting a truly magical year. It's time to shift how you see the world, so you can create and manifest success beyond your wildest dreams.

Own your power & spiritual dopeness!

Thank you sooo much for your willingness to let your light shine!

With all our love,

Talia, Jazz & Ira

Got questions? Call us!  7 AM-6 PM, CDT  1-888-801-3233

Got questions? Call us!  7 AM-6 PM, CDT