Luna Rising Early Rate Ending Soon!


And if the $500 savings isn't enough to get you excited, you're also getting these four bonuses!

*Bonus 1: Free 3-Day Mini-Course: The Life Changing Magic of Being Quiet

Do you want to achieve more day to day, but cannot seem to stay on task with your goals? Do you struggle with your focus and concentration? Do you get caught wasting time scrolling on social media instead of doing? This 3-day course will show you exactly how you can use the Sacred Art of Being Quiet to help you zone in on the things that are most important to you. You'll learn habits that all successful, spiritually dope women know and use to access their higher self and achieve big dreams. You, too, can easily carve out time in your busy day to create quiet, sacred space or even begin a regular daily meditation practice, even if you've never done it before or don't think you know how.

*Bonus 2: Free 30 minute 1 on 1 Nutrition Phone Consultation

If you’re struggling with controlling your eating habits but want to find easy ways to eat healthier, get a personal consultation with our certified resident holistic wellness coach to get personalized tips that you can activate now.

*Bonus 3: New Moon Women's Circle Call-In + Mastering Mercury Retrograde With Your Mindset

During this 60 minute audio call, you’ll understand the real importance of planting intentions in connection to the moon and how doing so can help you manifest your best life. Learn the TRUTH about your capabilities, and how to evolve in your thoughts to elevate your vibration much faster than you ever thought possible. Even during a retrograde! Everybody's looking for clarity, but constantly freaking out every time Mercury does its thing. It literally doesn’t have to be that way! In this bonus, you’ll see how to banish future anxiety about Mercury's lessons from your life forever. Once you shift your thinking about it, you'll be able to face any challenges that come up from a position of power. You'll never look at or worry about a retrograde the same again.

*Bonus 4: Mercury Retrograde Empowered Woman Checklist

Have you ever wondered how some people stay calm during the Mercury Retrograde storm? Well, it’s all in the mindset. In this bonus download, you’ll learn mindset upgrades that empowered women use to shift their thinking. As a result, you, too, can weather any retrograde or other other life storm the instant you switch your thoughts.

Got questions? Call us!  7 AM-6 PM, CDT  1-888-801-3233

Got questions? Call us!  7 AM-6 PM, CDT